Insurance Claims Process
The insurance claim process can be confusing and difficult to understand.
Most homeowners have never had to file a claim for damage.
We have years of experience helping homeowners with the insurance claim process and can help you too.

With a licensed All Lines Insurance Adjuster on staff we know first hand how to work with Insurance Companies.
Using the exact same software they use to calculate property damages we can provide accurate estimates to
compare to theirs.

Be aware that your rates cannot be raised for filing a claim when damaged is caused by natural causes. It's
therefore important to contact your insurance company and file a claim if you suspect your home may have

You may also call us for an assessment of your property for damages prior to contacting
your insurance company.

We will inspect your home and determine if your home warrants filing a claim or not.
If it does, we can help assist with the claims process and meet with your adjuster to help ensure
all of the damage is accounted for.

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