What to know during construction:

If you are like most of our customers, this is probably your first experience with re-roofing and you are wondering what to expect. The most
important point to be aware of is there is no way we can re-roof your home without causing you some inconvenience.

Scheduling: We will make every effort to schedule your re-roofing project at a time that is convenient to all parties involved. If you would like
to request a specific date, please call our office at 512-267-7733. Otherwise, we will call to inform you of both delivery and start dates. In the
event we are unable to reach you we will leave a message on your answering machine or with the person who answers the phone.

Weather Conditions: Should your project be delayed due to bad weather, we will notify you of schedule changes. We are fully prepared in
case the weather should turn bad unexpectedly during your project. The crews will seal your roof to prevent water from entering your home
and we will resume work as soon as the weather allows.

Delivery: Material will be delivered on a large truck by a local shingle supply warehouse. If you have specified to our representative where you
want the material delivered they will place it there. Please notify us 24 hours prior to delivery of any changes in your delivery.

Communications: If you have any questions or problems during your roofing job, please call your sales representative first. If you cannot
reach this person then call the office at 512-267-7733. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Advertising: Placing a sign in the yard is the first step in re-roofing your home. We are proud of this job and the work we do.

Shingles: There are usually three types of shingle products sent to your home. One is the starter course used around the perimeter of your
roof. Second is the three tab shingles used as ridge caps and the last type is the shingle brand and style you chose for the main application.

Wiring, Plumbing and Air Conditioning: Electrical, plumbing, telephone, security, air conditioning and any other service lines by F.H.A.
standards should not be installed within 3 inches of the roof deck. If you are aware of any such lines, we must be notified immediately. We
cannot be held responsible for the puncture of improperly installed lines within 3 inches of the roof deck. We will, however, help you find a
reputable contractor and work with the contractor to expedite the repairs and maybe even save you some money on the repairs.

Light Fixtures, Mirrors & Pictures: These items can fall if not firmly attached to wall or ceiling. We suggest that you check to make sure
they are secured. If in doubt, take them down. Small cracks or crows feet will sometimes appear in older plaster or in cases were the attic
space between the sheetrock and plywood is very minimal. These cases are often caused by the vibrations of the hammer and are often
unavoidable. We cannot assume responsibility for these damages, as there is no way of controlling or keeping these things from happening.
This will more than likely occur in vaulted ceilings.

Tear Off: When it is necessary to remove your existing roof or roofs, debris will fall through your lath or decking into the attic. You will need to
cover any items in the attic which you think would require protection. There will be a thorough clean up of the exterior of your premises,
however, we can only pick up approximately 98% of the nails that fall around the area. Mowing the yard prior to the roof installation will help
maximize the cleanup process.

Access: Your contract price was figured utilizing access to the driveways for our trucks, as well as electricity. If any plugs are not available,
please run an extension cord through a window or under a door. In very rare cases if the driveway was not built properly you might develop a
crack or two. If this happens, we cannot assume responsibility for the damages. This is a very rare occurrence but has been known to happen.

Trees and Shrubs: If you have any hanging branches over your roof, some trimming may be necessary. Our men will cut those limbs which
limit our ability to do an efficient and workmanlike job. In some cases, you may prefer to have the tree or trees trimmed professionally before
we begin construction.

Chimney Flashing: If the chimney flashing cannot be waterproofed once work begins, an additional charge may be added to the contract
price to replace the flashing or counter flashing unless otherwise stated in your contract. Sometimes on older homes the brick on the chimney
or the cap on top of the chimney will settle and sometimes cause cracking which may cause leaking later on down the road if it is not already
leaking. We can only assume liability for the flashing around the chimney that we change out. If we see a problem we will let you know
immediately and inform you of your options and how we might be able to help you.  

Solar Panels: Arrangements to remove solar panels from the roof are the sole responsibility of the homeowner unless otherwise stated in
your contract.

Antennas: We remove and reinstall antennas up to 20 feet in height, but we cannot be held liable for the old lead-in wire breaking. Satellite
dishes will be reinstalled, but we cannot be held liable for reception. In some cases you will need to have a repairman come out to realign your
dish. Our crews are not knowledgeable in this field.

Vents: Upon completion of your job, please check all interior connections of your furnace and hot water heater vent pipes. These pipes have
a tendency to be dislodged when re-flashing the bases. Since these pipes exhaust carbon monoxide we strongly recommend having an HVAC
certified contractor reconnect the pipes in the attic, as Eminence Roofing is not certified to do this. Any cost incurred will be the responsibility
of the homeowner. We will provide free of charge any roofing labor to assist the contractor with his job so that he does not have to double
check the seal outside the attic.

Left Over Material: Our proposals are based upon a complete job. Any left over materials remains the property of Eminence Roofing. We
customarily over ship a small quantity to insure adequate supplies for our crews.

Project Inspection: Upon completion of the job, the roofing foreman, along with the salesperson or superintendent, will inspect the work and
complete an inspection report. We ask that you meet with the foreman and salesperson to insure that you are 100% satisfied with the job.

Payment: The payment for your roof will be due upon completion of your job. If this is an insurance claims job, we will require the first check
from the insurance company at the end of the first day of construction. The remaining balance that includes your deductible will be due at time
of completion. If recoverable depreciation is withheld by the insurance company until the job is complete, we will require payment of the
deductible upon completion of job. We will file with the insurance company to release depreciation check. Once you have received the
depreciation check, you will need to contact us so that we may make arrangements to collect the check. Once the job is paid in full you will
receive the receipt and warranty papers for the job.

Warranty: Your new roof will be covered by two warranties:

Workmanship: This is our warranty. It covers defects in craftsmanship. The specifics of the warranty are outlined in the contract that you

Material: This warranty is issued by the manufacturer and covers the material that was used. This warranty will be mailed to you 7-10
business days after we receive payment in full for the job we did.